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Desert Mountain Brokers specializes in long and short term rentals, Property Management services, lease with option to buy properties. We also offer sales and listings for residential, commercial and vacant land. Check back often for an updated listing of all available rentals with photos of each property.

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Modern House

We can help you buy a home-based on the specific details that you are looking for in your home.
  • 500 sq. feet

Office Building

Depending on the type of your business, we will help you find the office which will help you and your team perform.
  • 1200 sq. feet

Vacation Rental

We can help you find a stay when you are vacationing in a different city or a country depending on your budget.
  • 2500 sq. feet
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The market rent depends on the market value of the property. Contact us, and we can help you calculate the right value.
A lease agreement generally needs to include everything from the price and the amount of time you are leasing. This will help both the parties stay clear on the terms and conditions.

We do not provide you with home loan service, but can help you find the right services which can meet your conditions.

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They have helped me find the best spot for my office location and that too for a very affordable price.
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Things you should know before Forex Trading


Foreign exchange market trading is easily accessible via the interest to millions of traders across the world, but the dynamics of trading is not understandable by everyone. Even though you tend to understand it well, it will take years of practice and patience, actually to master the art of trading on the Forex market. But there are some safety concerns you should look into before you enter the trading business. If you’re not aware of them, then don’t despair because we’ve jotted down a few points that might help you trade safely on the market.

Choose the right broker.

Choosing the right broker is half the work you have to do efficiently, and the other half is what the broker guides you with. Hence, choosing the broker is a tedious task and requires the utmost care and background check before you choose the one right for you. Many fake brokers in the market are willing to take your money and abscond; hence it is crucial to find a licensed one.

Start slowly

One of the best safety tips to start trading is to start slowly. We get the excitement of trying your luck with the new skills, but it never works magic that way. It is important, to begin with, smaller investments, rather than diving into the significant lumpsum amounts. Trading is no race. If you do it skillfully right, then you might even end off with a beginner’s luck and gain more profit than you expected.

Keep your emotions in check.

Trading for the first time or the 100th time can be quiet overwhelming for anyone. The levels of stress and anxiety can cause you to take hasty decisions. But do not give in to these emotions and make uncontrolled and informed decisions before you make a big move. Although it is easier said than done, gradually you will realize the necessity of controlling your emotions and trading with your mind, not with your heart.

Create a strategy

Before you even dive into any of the trains, always remember to create a plan or an agenda as to how much and where you want to trade your money. Always ask questions to your self and stick to the decisions you make. This is again an added point to not give in to emotional distress and emotional feelings.



Every week the market closes over the weekend.  During such times,  they release a weekly chart or statistic that will give out the necessary information of the trades of that week and also predict the outcomes of the following week. Hence it is essential to analyze everything, especially if your trade has gone bad the previous week. This will help you trade safe in the upcoming weeks, without costing too much loss.


Apart from this, there are so many other essential tips that are obvious to beginners, however, if you’re a seasoned trader, then t is better to keep all the tips as mentioned above in mind, to have a safe trade.

Safety Measures while Trading Online


Easy accessibility of the internet and the ability to trade at the tip of your fingers, has increased the chances of malicious activities as well. Anyone who owns a computer and the internet, even with basic trading knowledge can start trading online, but one of the primary concern is the issue of security. Since the competition among people is increasing every year, the potential threat to malicious activities has also increased over the years. This article talks about the safety tips that you can consider when you’re trading online.

Safe browsing environments

Since the trading business happens online, the first thing to take into account is the safety of the internet connection. You can ensure the safety by securing PC with various anti-virus connections, connecting to your mobile hotspot instead of the local wifi available, especially when you’re accessing confidential websites.


Secure VPN connection

Most of the brokerage firms or the investors assure for a secure VPN connection during the translating as well as the trade. This is pretty secure for any malware to enter your computer and extract your data: However, it is better to be safe than sorry when something goes terribly wrong. Hence, we always recommend you to invest in a good VPN connection through a trustable VPN provider.


According to many experts, passwords are the loophole to many of the criminal hacking that takes places online. A tiny weak spot in the password is a direct invitation to the cyber thieves. You can either come up with a strong password of your own or use a password suggesting software and also to manage all your passwords.

Avoid stock spam

Stock spams constitute a significant source of internet scam that is commonly called “pump and pump” scheme. It works by artificially increasing the price of a particular stock through positive allegations so that cheaper sticks are sold at a much higher price than needed. To avoid such schemes, take the following measures:

Check the source and be sceptical about the price of the stock. Think twice and research thoroughly.

Buying more massive stocks is a part of a company’s daily routine, but before doing so, it is better to check and double-check the claims with the price of the stock. Quit if you find something fishy.

stock spam

Make sure your stock trades meet the NASDAQ  and the NYSE requirements because if the stocks fulfil their requirements, then 99% of the times, the claims are legit.


Just like how making a profit in your trade is solely in your hands, in the same way, protection and security of your data and personal information is also in your hands. By far, browser connection and internet connections are the most vulnerable mediums that can potentially expose your personal information and data to the outside world. Not to mention, they’re also the essential elements of online trading as well. Hence, it is in your hands to maintain and practice safety measures while trading online.

Everything you need to know about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Exchange Traded Funds

ETF, short form for Exchange Traded Funds, is a type of collective security format for other securities like stocks, which tracks an underlying index or uses various strategies. They can also be called as index funds that are traded on exchanges like the stock exchange. Although they’re similar to that of mutual funds, they still involve trades throughout the day like any other ordinary stocks—example SPDR S&P 500 ETF that tracks the S&P 500 Index.


ETF is called as an Exchange Traded Fund because it is traded on exchanges like the stocks. Since the shares of the ETF’s are bought and sold on the market, they keep changing throughout the day, which is entirely opposite to the mutual funds as they’re not traded often in a day. Mutual funds are traded just once in a day when the trade market closes. Hence when we compare the two, it is evident that ETF’s are more liquid and reliable than the Mutual funds.


They are famous for operating in an arbitrary mechanism, which means their trading is close to the net asset values, despite occasional deviations. The ETF shares are sold only through the authorized participants, that are generally larger brokers or dealers with whom they enter into agreements. And the shares are sold usually in more significant numbers like ten or thousands of stocks.


There are various types of ETF’s

  • Bond ETF: They include government, state, local and municipal bonds
  • Industry ETF:  They are invested in one particular technology, or banking sector, gas sector etc.
  • Commodity ETFs:  they invest in commodities like gold or crude oil.
  • Currency ETFs:They invest in foreign currencies like dollars and Euros.
  • Inverse ETFs: They’re based on earning gains from stock declines by selling and repurchasing stock at a much lower price.

How to buy and see

The buying and selling of ETFs happen through online platforms or traditional brokers and dealers. Some of them are dedicated to tracking an index of all the stocks and to create a portfolio, or sometimes they even target various industries. For example, the oldest and the most thriving ETF is the SPDR S&P 500, that tracks the S&P 500 Index as well.

Pros of using ETFs

  • It provides access to sticks across various industries
  • It provides lower expense and reduces the broker commissions
  • Enhances the risk management factors through diversification
  • ETFs that focuses on the targeted industries thrive well In the market

Cons of using ETFs

  • It is high Maintenance with higher fees
  • Single industry often limit their ETF limits
  • The liquidity provided is low, and hence it hinders all transactions


ETF Creation and Redemption

The process of supply of ETF shares is done in two different mechanisms called creation and redemption, involving   special investors called Authorized Participants

Creation: Creation happens when the AP buys shares from the index, which is tracked by the fund and shares them to the ETF for newer ETF shares at a reasonable or equal value.

Redemption: It happens contrary to the creation where the AP buys stocks of the open market and sells them to the ETF Sponsor.

How Successful Investing has made it Possible for People to Get Capital to buy a House


We are aware of the benefits of investing money somewhere, keeping plans and aspects in mind. According to Billionaire Andrew Carnegie’s famous saying, almost 90% of the billionaires increased or scored their wealth by investing in real estate. But is this true? Many types of research, according to the nine Advisors in the Oracles, have proven that the answer is a resounding yes. Investing your capital in a real estate or a property can eventually grow its value in the market and help you buy or get a house.

Apart from just getting capital to invest or buy a house, investing in real estate has numerous other benefits as well like tax advantages, leveraging house or property to build wealth,  and cash flow, to name a few. Some of these benefits are mentioned in detail in this article. Read further to find out!

Cash Flow

Cash flow is basically the total income that you get from investing in a  real estate, after all the mortgage, payments, and operating expenses. In the majority of the cases, after you invest in a particular property, the cash flow only increases with time.

Tax deductions and breaks

Once you invest your sum in a real estate, then you develop the advantages of various tax breaks and other deductions to save money on tax. So all in all, you can reduce the cost of owning, managing and operating the property. Since, according to the law, cost of buying and investing in a property, is depreciated over time, (27.5 years for residential and 39 years for commercial), you will always benefit from the reduced tax deductions that will also lower your income tax.



If you have a house or a property, then investing in another one can add to appreciation through rental income and profits generated by any kind of business activity and purification regarding the property. Since the value of real estate or property increases with time, the return on investment will be huge.

Risk-adjusted returns

Depending on the investment and capital, the returns vary according to many different factors like assets, location, management, class etc. The average annual return from half a decade Is 11%, and many are trying to beat this system and gain a higher return of the S&P 500.

Real estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

However, if you’re ready to make an investment, but aren’t looking to buy a house right away, then there are real estate investment trusts, which acts like stock exchange markets and you can buy and sell. They offer a 90% income to the investors and can quickly get into and out of the position. This is a good option if you’re doing it for the first time as they offer higher dividends than stock.

Real estate


Although there are various ways of investing in the right place to be able to buy a house in the future, real estate investment is the best and the most secure option, despite its drawbacks like liquidity etc.

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